The Highly Sensitive Person and Toxic People.

**I will preface by saying that this information is generalized and some traits may apply to some and some not with others** Let me start by explaining traits of a highly sensitive person. A highly sensitive person is usually: Quick to pick up on needs/emotions of others. Usually wants to please others. More inclined to feel pain of others (sadness, anger, disappointment). Often internalizes or personalizes criticism. Puts a lot of pressure on themselves to perform. Highly empathetic. May have a difficult time separating their own emotions from the emotions of others. Usually strives for "perfection." High expectations of themselves Will be more inclined to take responsibility for others (if

Stress versus Anxiety.

Everyone experiences stress. With a healthy dose of it, in a short period of time stress can help people to perform more optimally. For example stress at a basketball game or during finals week can push us to achieve. Stress can give us that push to act, perform, and motivate us which can be beneficial for the short term task. Chronic stress is prolonged stress for a long period of time. Chronic stress can eventually turn into an anxiety disorder. What is the difference between stress and anxiety? (According to the Diagnostic Manuel) Anxiety signs include: Restlessness of feeling keyed up on or edge Being easily fatigued Difficulty concentrating or mind going blank Irritability Muscle Tens

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Sharon has been practicing as a therapist for more than 10 years. She focuses on teens, pre-teens,children and individuals with depression, anxiety, trauma, and social, emotional and behavioral difficulties.  Sharon also works with couples to work through conflict and disconnection to establish a more positive connection. She also has a passion for individuals with special needs. Sharon is a highly sensitive aware therapist and person. Sharon is a Christian and can integrate faith/spirituality if it is what the client wants in session.


She offers therapy/counseling and educational workshops for the highly sensitive person and child upon request.

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