Sign up for an Individual Workshop to Learn about the Highly Sensitive Person/Child.

"I wish I had known about this trait growing up, maybe then I would not have felt so alone."

"My child is very aware of other's emotions and takes things in very personally."

"Why does it seem like everyone else can accomplish so much but for me I can only handle so much?"

"I get hurt really easily. People have told me that I am too sensitive."

"I don't know if my family knew how to relate to me. It often felt like I was an outsider looking in."

"I often felt that something was wrong with me but now I am happy to know that this is who I am and there are strengths and challenges to it."

"My child is different from others he often seems shy and is different from her peers."

Sharon has been practicing in the mental health field for over 10 years and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She is very passionate about  informing others about the highly sensitive innate trait from Elaine Aron's research. Sharon is a highly sensitive Knowledgeable therapist and is a highly sensitive therapist herself. 

Individual Workshop to learn about the Highly Sensitive Person/Child.

  • Do you or someone you love want to learn about the highly sensitive trait but don't want to participate in therapy then this workshop opportunity maybe for you.

  • One hour informational meeting to learn about the highly sensitive person trait from Elaine Aron's Book, The Highly Sensitive Person.

  • Each person/couple/family that signs up will have their own personal workshop in one 60 minute sitting.

  • Workshop will consist of: Traits of the highly sensitive person/child. Strengths, Challenges,Misconceptions, and A few strategies to manage the "overwhelm" of having the trait and additional resources to gain more information.

  • For Parents of Highly Sensitive Children: Workshop will consist of strategies of how to deal with your child's emotions and discipline.

  • Meeting will be structured to ensure you gain information in the hour:)

  • This is not therapy!!! This is a one time informative workshop to learn more about the trait and strategies of how to manage the hsp trait.

  • Cost= $99 per meeting (60 minute session). No Refunds or Reschedules once confirmed.

  • Location: 2081 Business Center Drive. Irvine, CA. (right across of John Wayne Airport).


  1. Email Sharon Chan at or call 626-656-3158 to schedule a time for a 60 minute session.

**Please note: These offered workshops does not constitute as therapy.**

Sharon has been practicing as a therapist for more than 10 years. She focuses on teens, pre-teens,children and individuals with depression, anxiety, trauma, and social, emotional and behavioral difficulties.  She also has a passion for individuals with special needs. Sharon is a highly sensitive aware therapist and person. Sharon is a Christian and can integrate faith/spirituality if it is what the client wants in session.


She offers therapy/counseling and educational workshops for the highly sensitive person and child upon request.

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