• Sharon Chan, LMFT

The Highly Sensitive Male

Sharon Chan, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist talks about some of the traits, gifts, and challenges for the highly sensitive male/boy. This information was taken from Elaine Aron's book, "The Highly Sensitive Person" (2006) and "The Strong Sensitive Boy" ( 2010) by Ted Zeff.

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Located in Irvine:

2082 Business Center Drive Suite 257 Irvine, CA 92612

(Right across of John Wayne Airport)

Sharon has been practicing as a therapist for more than 10 years. She focuses on teens, pre-teens,children and individuals with depression, anxiety, trauma, and social, emotional and behavioral difficulties.  She also has a passion for individuals with special needs. Sharon is a highly sensitive aware therapist and person. Sharon is a Christian and can integrate faith/spirituality if it is what the client wants in session.


She offers therapy/counseling and educational workshops for the highly sensitive person and child upon request.

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