Couples Therapy

In this video Sharon notes and talks about information from John Bowlby (1969), Mary Ainsworth (not Melanie**edit** from video) who conducted the Strange Situation (1970) and Sue Johnson -Founder of Emotionally Focused Therapy (2008)

Many couples come into the therapy office and report that they feel "alone," "disconnected", "have given up,"  "always arguing", "not communicating," and "unhappy".  Many times they find that the person they married or have been with is not the same person or they feel like they are miles apart.  

Does that resonate with you?

Being vulnerable with your partner can bring the best and worst in us and learning how to navigate through an intimate relationship can be overwhelming, disheartening, and difficult. 

I work with couples by providing a safe space for them to work though the disconnection, to rebuild effective ways to communicate and to grow towards rebuilding trust.

I have heard couples tell me that they feel, "less alone," "more supported," and more motivated through working through their relationship in therapy.

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Sharon has been practicing as a therapist for more than 10 years. She focuses on teens, pre-teens,children and individuals with depression, anxiety, trauma, and social, emotional and behavioral difficulties.  Sharon also works with couples to work through conflict and disconnection to establish a more positive connection. She also has a passion for individuals with special needs. Sharon is a highly sensitive aware therapist and person. Sharon is a Christian and can integrate faith/spirituality if it is what the client wants in session.


She offers therapy/counseling and educational workshops for the highly sensitive person and child upon request.

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