Child and Teen Therapy

You are concerned for your child or teen as he/she is stressed out or having difficulty in school or at home. Maybe they are often getting into trouble in the classroom or having difficulty making friends. Your child throws tantrums and may have a difficult time with redirection or does not respond to your corrections. Maybe they are withdrawn or don't talk much and you are worried. There could be a life change that has impacted them and it has shifted their mood or behavior. 

If I have described your child or teen, I want you to know there is hope that things will get better. In my years working with children, teens and parents I have witnessed through careful support, treatment, and guidance that they are able to thrive and feel more confident in managing these feelings and thoughts. I have seen how therapy can help with an  increase in a child or teen's self esteem and produces people who perform better in school, have an easier time forming friendships, and helps to improve communication with parents.

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Sharon has been practicing as a therapist for more than 10 years. She focuses on teens, pre-teens,children and individuals with depression, anxiety, trauma, and social, emotional and behavioral difficulties.  She also has a passion for individuals with special needs. Sharon is a highly sensitive aware therapist and person. Sharon is a Christian and can integrate faith/spirituality if it is what the client wants in session.


She offers therapy/counseling and educational workshops for the highly sensitive person and child upon request.

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