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  • Sharon Chan, LMFT

For Your Child or Teen

Does your child/teen have difficulty concentrating in school, turning in work, and gets distracted very easily? Maybe he/she has a hard time completing tasks will multi-steps and needs to be reminded over and over again. Or maybe your child/teen is doing fine in school but his/her motivation to do things is very low or it may feel hard to reach your child. Is he or she distant, doesn't have many friends, in their own world, and maybe shutting out others including yourself. Parents often tell me that their child maybe a high achiever but has a really hard time dealing with stress or managing it which may lead to difficulties in sleeping or difficulty in controlling the worry. Parents also tell me that their child's/teen's behaviors can be aggressive which looks like getting in trouble at school or having extended tantrums at home.

The developmental years for children and adolescence is such a confusing yet important time. As they attempt to build an identity and make sense of their thoughts and emotions it can be overwhelming. Maybe your child/teen is struggling to learn and perform in the typical school system. I believe your child/teen is filled with many strengths and gifts. We can collaborate to see how to use those gifts and strengths can be utilized for your child's benefit.

I give parents a lot of credit because parenting is possibly one of the hardest jobs out there. Maybe you as a parent are also frustrated because you are trying to do everything possible to help your child; and the patterns of relating and providing discipline feel ineffective to reach your child or teen. Parents are human too and need just as much as support as anyone else:).

If any of these descriptions resonate with you or for your child I want to let you know you are not alone. There is hope for things to get better and for your kid/teen to feel better equipped to face their challenges and to highlight their strengths.

In my ten years of experience in practicing in the mental health field I have seen with effective focused therapy; my clients developed confidence in being able to handle everyday tasks in school and at home. I have been fortunate to be part of positive bonds being formed between parent, child, peers, and siblings. I have witnessed clients reach their goals and feel better about themselves and their world.

If you are interested in setting up a free conversation (on phone) to see if we are a good fit please contact me at 626-656-3158 or you can book me online on my website. I am located in Orange County and provide therapy services to teens, children, and individuals.

Thank you and best wishes,

Sharon Chan, LMFT

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